I think a good DJ creates great mixes, knows how to read the crowd, and plays the right songs at the right time.. That connection  with the crowd, along with the performance of a DJ is really what makes the event happen.

                                                                                          DJ Vicki T



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DJ Vicki T - Vicki Thomas, known as the “Singin’ DJ”, has been involved with music all her life. At twelve  years old she started singing and playing guitar in her own bands at clubs, parties, festivals, and weddings. Not long after, Vicki T recorded for two major labels. One was with A&M Records with her band called “Burning Rome”, with the single "Once Over", produced by Liam Sternberg writer and producer of (Walk Like An Egyptian).  Vicki also recorded for Epic Records as a solo artist with producer Vini Poncia, who produced artists  like  " Kiss.", "Scandal", Melissa Manchester.

   “I’m a rock & roll / blues singer, and I still play live with my band, but a few years ago I totally fell in love with Dj’ing. Sometimes I will incorporate my live music with dj'ing and it's a total blast. My passion for all kinds of music and the love of performing live is what motivated me to start spinning music."